Espresso-Based Beverages – Americano

preparing an espresso drink - espresso Long Black

The Americano is an espresso-based drink with added water on top of a espresso shot. There are many variations of the Americano to choose from including black coffee with espresso added, iced americano, and Long black. Americano can be traced back to Italy in 1919. The drink was created when espresso machines were first introduced … Read more

How To Choose The Right Cappuccino Maker

Cappuccino in white cup on a saucer

Okay, there are basically three types of espresso makers, steam, pump driven models, and automatics. The price difference between steam powered cappuccino makers and the automatics is huge. For instance, a Mr. Coffee steam machine will set you back a mere $65 or so. A DeLonghi Magnifica Digital-Super Automatic Cappuccino machine costs more than $1,400! … Read more

Single Serve Espresso- The Good the Bad and the Ugly

We Brits are simple folk…!Originally satisfied with Nescafe Red Agglomerated coffee, we graduated slowly to Nescafe Gold blend Freeze Dried … Now we are increasingly demanding those gourmet coffee experiences we have enjoyed away from home, at home As an appreciator of good coffee, I have to say that this is good news! How you … Read more