About Me

My name is Dorian, and I am a barista and coffee lover. As an espresso lover, I decided to start this website to expose bad coffee and promote good brewing practices. I love espresso and I want to show it. My goal is to help my blog’s visitors with great articles about coffee and espresso brewing. I also love to try coffee brewing equipment, and to write about it. There is way too much bad coffee equipment on the market, and people should be warned about it.

How to Brew Espresso Coffee goes beyond your regular coffee beans review website, or your coffee equipment shop. We have great espresso brewing tutorials, related curated videos, and with many nice coffee pictures, we are going to make your visit worthwhile.

On this corner of the WEB I will critique snobbish coffee trends, and I will expose bad coffee making habits and techniques. But I also encourage people to follow their taste in coffee no matter what I, or other coffee experts say. At the end of the day, you are the one who drinks it. If you like your beverage bitter, you should prepare it that way. If your taste buds love the smoky taste of Starbucks beans, so be it, I won’t judge.

I like to review coffee and espresso equipment, and I will have at least one review every two weeks or so. My goal is to review the most popular and the best equipment on the market. I’ll show you the qualities of the reviewed equipment, but I’ll also show you its flaws. There is no perfect equipment, at least not for the market segment that I am reviewing. Knowing both the pros and the cons of a product will let you to take the right decision when buying. That’s why I will be honest, and I will try to be as objective as possible.

You can learn more about me on my other website profile. I also write for Coffee Brewing Methods, you can check my articles there.