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This website is all about espresso. We have a lot of tutorials, technical writings, how to, and product reviews. Are you looking for information on brewed espresso, or how to brew espresso? They are two different things, check the two articles if you want to learn more.

If you have a question, ask our AI Barista. I bet you will be impressed with its knowledge. I challenge you to challenge it. Coffee questions only, though.

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There is a lot of thought that goes into buying an . Home espresso brewing can be as simple as buying a machine, or at the other extreme, the lever operated manual espresso maker. It all depends on what you want.

There is nothing worse than buying an espresso machine and realizing that the budget was too low, and we need to purchase another machine.

Yes, as a beginner, you should aim to minimize your costs, and start with an inexpensive espresso maker.

At the same time, spending money on features that we don't need is just a waste of money. Learn in this article how to choose an espresso machine for your needs.

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Learn How to Make Espresso

You can learn to make espresso and espresso drinks, and skip the line at the local coffee shop. Get the amazing flavor of an espresso by brewing it at home, and you probably pull better espresso shots than the barista made ones.. 

Save time and money, Learn how to brew espresso at home, and save time and money. Once you have the skills, you can start making espresso drinks, an they will be better than the ones at the coffee shop. We have tutorials for Lungo, Ristretto, or Americano, which are variants of the neat espresso. But we also have recipes for steamed milk espresso drinks, such as latte, , flat white, cortado, or mocha. For cheap espresso alternatives, check our page on brewed espresso.

pulling espresso shot with a naked portafilter


In a very few words, espresso is a coffee beverage, and a brewing method.

Many people think of it as a strong and concentrated coffee. While espresso is that, it is so much more than just that. The brewing method involves using a powerful pump, which changes everything about it. No, espresso is not a type of coffee bean, and is not a roast. For a comprehensive explanation, check our article: What Is Espresso?.

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An introduction on the espresso machine design, and how various features can help you make better espresso at home. You can also look at this guide on “How Espresso Machines Work“. It will help you know your machine better.

We put together a list with some of our favorite espresso machines, but it's just a starting point for you.

We also have some great recommendations for demitasses, and some for cappuccino cups, and even for latte cups.

What Is Milk Texturing – An Introduction to Texturing Milk for Coffee Drinks

Milk texturing is crucial in creating coffee beverages like cappuccinos and lattes. First appearing in the late 19th century, milk texturing gained greater popularity later, with latte art. Milk texturing alters the coffee's mouthfeel, flavor, and visual appeal through techniques like steaming for a velvety texture or frothing for a lighter feel. This article delves into the history, roles, and science of milk texturing, and its role in the coffee industry.

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What Is a Manual Espresso Machine

Manual espresso machines, often underrated, offer benefits like portability and control over the brewing process. The lever-operated machines, the precursor to semi-automatics, require skill but provide control over pressure. Portable manual machines, like hand pump espresso makers, cater to on-the-go enthusiasts. Hobbyist machines, like lever-operated ones, demand dedication but deliver exceptional shots.

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What is a Super-Automatic Espresso Machine? Buying Guide

Super-automatic espresso machines provide coffee lovers convenience, consistency, and customizability with the push of a button. They automate the entire process from grinding to extraction and often milk frothing. Features like integrated grinders, precise temperature control, and programmable settings make them popular for home and commercial use. Yet, they may offer less control over brewing for coffee aficionados, have a higher cost, and require meticulous maintenance. Ultimately, the choice between super-automatic and other espresso machines depends on individual needs for convenience, control, and budget considerations.

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Note, that we might mention other brewing methods such as drip coffee, moka pot, cold brew, or AeroPress, but as a comparison term only, and our focus remains espresso, the best of all coffee preparation methods.