Know the lingo: We’re talking COFFEE!

“What would you like?” These words strike terror in the heart of many people who want to appear chic when ordering a latte.

Not sure how to order a coffee drink? Learn the lingo and talk like a native!

Soon, you’ll be able to step right up and rattle off your order like the most seasoned espresso snob. So here is everything you wanted to know about ordering a specialty coffee but were afraid to ask.

This is our fun coffee dictionary, for a more serious one, and more comprehensive, check Coffee Brewing Methods’s Glossary of Coffee Terms.

Coffee dictionary for the noob.


BAR-EES-TA: Behind the coffee shop counter is a really nice person who knows the recipe for perfect espresso and can deliver exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for your special coffee when you get the hang of this. (Here is a nice online magazine dedicated to the people behind that counter.)

Caramel Macchiato

CAR-MEL MA-KEE-AH-TOE: A shot of espresso topped with our hand-made whipped cream and caramel.

KA-FAY LA-TAY: A soothing beverage composed of three layers: a freshly drawn shot of espresso, milk steamed and poured to fill the cup and finally, a quarter-inch dollop of foamed milk to create a delicate first impression.

Caffé Mocha

KA-FAY MO-KAH: Liquid chocolate and a freshly pulled espresso shot blended with fresh steamed milk. Topped with a generous portion of our handmade whipped cream and a light grind of chocolate.


KA-PA-CHEE-NO: A typical Italian breakfast beverage using less steamed milk and more foamed milk than the Caffè Latte. Cappuccino can be ordered “dry” for an extra foamy cup or “wet” for a more milky drink.

Caffé Americano

KA-FAY’ A-MER-I-CAH’-NO: A deep, rich espresso combined with hot water. The result is a cup of full-flavored coffee with the distinct taste of espresso.


Want the goodness of a latte but don’t like the taste of coffee? Order a steamer, steamed milk and natural flavors like Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond.

Single espresso
A one fluid ounce serving of straight espresso, served alone or with steamed milk in an espresso beverage. The standard for most short and tall espresso drinks.

Double Espresso

Two one fluid ounce servings of straight espresso. This is the standard for Grande, but if you want your tall Latte doubly strong, you’d better ask for the extra shot. “I want a tall double latte please”. (for more about espresso check Wikipedia)


Our 12 fluid ounce coffee.


At 250 Central, a 16 fluid ounce coffee drink. This is the most popular size.


More of your favorite thing, a 20 fluid ounce beverage. When you need an extra boost.


When you want extra caffeine in the morning you can add extra shot(s) of espresso to a brewed coffee. Order it “With an extra shot of espresso.”

French Press

A coffee pot with a plunger made of fine mesh. Translation: the pot that brews an extra-strong coffee. (here is a French press brewing guide)

Skinny or Non-fat

All the milk, hold the fat. Order a skinny Latte if you want skim milk.

No Foam

Don’t like the way the frothed milk on your Latte tickles your nose? Order it “no foam,” and you’ll get only espresso and steamed milk.


More foam than milk. If you like your Cappuccino really light and airy, order it “dry.”

Extra Foam

Foam keeps your espresso drink hot, so if you’re taking it to go, you might want to order “extra foam.”

The Espresso Shot

Each serving of espresso is composed of three color layers, a dark color with caramel-colored around and topped with the crema – an almost white color. When you have all three your looking at a great shot.


E-SPREZ’-SO: The building block of all our specialty coffees. Concentrated coffee “essence” brewed from our own Espresso Roast beans. Espresso can be served alone in a demitasse or even added to a brewed coffee for that extra jump start.

With Room

Short for “I’d like to add cream to my coffee, so please leave me some room in my cup.”


Short for “whipped cream.” Want to save a few calories in your Mocha? Order it “no whip.”

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond

Add this to your order if you’d like a shot of flavor syrup added to your beverage.

Tip Jar

That little glass jar you use to thank your barista for making you such a wonderful drink.