Breville The Barista Espresso Machine Review

The daily espresso is a pleasure for many people – and for others a necessity. Some people drink espressos for the sheer aroma. Others drink it for the kick and to prevent the headache caused by caffeine withdrawal. 

Still, there’s no reason why you can’t combine necessity with pleasure. And the best espresso machine will offer you that much-needed caffeine kick without compromising the taste.

In this review, we will test the ability of Breville’s “The Barista” to make a high-quality espresso. Is it worth the money, or is it just average? Let’s see what it brings to the table.

Our rating of the Breville “The Barista” – BES870BSXL Espresso Machine.
We rated it based on the look, functionality and the quality of the shots it pulls. Read along to understand why BES870BSXL is such a great machine.

Introducing The Breville “The Barista” Espresso Machine

If you are looking for a professional espresso machine to offer you great-tasting espresso in a simple manner, then the Barista should be able to do exactly that.

Featuring many professional functions, you can make anything from an espresso to an Americano or a cappuccino. It also has a low-pressure brewing style that offers a fine flavor, distributing the water evenly over the coffee puck.

This espresso machine cannot be categorized as super-automatic even though it features its own coffee grinder. Each cup should be fresh since no aroma will be lost in pre-grinding processes. It all depends on your coffee bean quality now.

Even though is a semi-automatic machine, is so much more than other semiautomatics, such as Rancilio Silvia. You can adjust to some extent the coarseness of your grounds, as well as the water level of your beverage.

Learn more about semiautomatic, fully automatic and manual espresso machines, in our dedicated informational article.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this espresso machine was made to be durable. While most plastic-covered units will last only 5 years, give or take, this one should last a lot longer.

Here are the overall features of The Barista:

  • Built-in grinder for your coffee beans
  • Low pressure in the pre-brewing stage
  • Adjustable option for two cups
  • Functional and adjustable pressure gauge
  • Spacious water tank that is also detachable
  • Steam wand made from stainless steel
  • Two filter sets

This espresso machine was made to provide every espresso lover with good coffee – regardless if they have barista experience or not.

The Results

First of all, this is an espresso machine that works very fast and offers fine quality coffee. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to brew a cup of espresso, and all you have to do is press a button to get things going.

You can make all kinds of drinks with this, from cappuccinos to lattes and regular espressos.

Technically, it doesn’t brew regular coffee. However, you can work your way around that by brewing two shots of espresso and topping it with somehot water from the dispenser. There you are: an Americano!

Speaking of two shots, you also have an adjustable option that can make espresso for two. If you have guests and are in a rush, this will allow you to cut the coffee-brewing time in half.

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